Pictures from some of our workshops and community engagement:

Suicide Attempt Survivor and Board Member Anthony 'Ace' Barnes shares his journey.

**Trigger Warning** This video shares intimate details about a suicide attempt.

A brief video highlighting our work:

Our work is catered to Metro-Detroit Area youth in grades 4 - 12. We positively impact suicide rates by providing tools, resources, educational materials, workshops, and other support for mental illness awareness and suicide prevention. We focus on four pillars: mental illness awareness, suicide prevention, resiliency, and coping skills. Our outreach equips youth with the necessary tools that will help them choose life. Since inception, we have provided life changing workshops and materials to thousands of youth and parents, provided scholarships to (4) graduating high school seniors,  created an annual life skills summer program, and have participated and/or hosted numerous community health fairs, rallies, and mental health programs.